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"an ounce of sauce
 covers a multitude

 of sins."

Anthony Bourdain

Eat & Play

Eat & Play is the way we get to really experience and feel Tuscany. It will take us from wonderful foods and wines, through museums and timeless buildings, and then play with cooking, Vespa rides, Fiat 500 and Ferrari drives, walks, biking, perfumeries and the list goes on.
From this list will fill our itinerary with Eat & Play
Fiaschetteria Nuvoli

Florence, central,hidden and homestyle

An amazing hidden gem. Classic Tuscan family style home cooking for locals only or those in the know. Watch your head as you go down the stairs into the small back rooms and enjoy the wonderful selections of wines along with an ever changing menu. The antipasto platter is a hard to go past and will leave you full

Chanti Region in Tuscany

Castello di Verrazzano

My favourite winery with a colourful history as well. The Castle of Verrazzano is located in Greve in the heart of the Chianti area, between Florence and Siena. Initially the Castle was an Etruscan then a Roman settlement and it has remained within its boundaries for over 1000 years.

There is a great tradition of winemaking . The “vineyards situated in Verrazzano” are mentioned in manuscripts which date back to 1150. The Castle became the property of the Verrazzano family in the VII century. Giovanni da Verrazzano, the navigator and discoverer of the bay of New York and of the majority of the East coast of nowadays U.S. was born here in 1485. The famous bridge in New York between Brooklyn and Staten Island was named after him in 1964.

Vespa Tours

Florence like no other way

Enjoy a perfect option for guests seeking a fun and exciting tour in the beautiful Tuscan countryside or the city. Daily morning  or afternoon tours will see you riding through picturesque winding roads of the Tuscan countryside followed or through the famous streets and sites of Florence.

An experience not to miss as you travel around as many locals do and have done for years.

Experience a trip back in time as you ride through the Tuscan hillside amongst lovely vineyards and orchards. Stop and taste the fruits of the land with wonderful foods and wines.

Bike Tours

Bicycle through time

Tuscan Cooking

Shopping and Cooking the traditional Tuscan way

Enjoy the fantastic experience of learning how to cook Tuscan cuisine in an intimate and friendly atmosphere. Begin with a visit to Florence Farmers' Market to discover all its beautiful colors and authenticity, getting to know the butchers, bakers and farmers which Florentines buy their ingredients.

Here you’ll be treated to different tastings of typical products and buy some of the fresh ingredients for the cooking class. We will then proceed to a villa in the Chianti countryside, where you will have the opportunity to express your culinary art under the attentive guidance of the Chef.

The menu may vary slightly according to the season and the fresh ingredients available, but among various other things it will usually include making home-made pasta from scratch. The class will end with a delicious lunch that will prove your improved skills in the kitchen, accompanied by tastings of different wines and a final typical Tuscan dessert wine.

The home of many of Florence's famous museums

Palazzo Pitti

The palace, which houses several important museums, was built in the second half of the 15th century by Filippo Brunelleschi for Luca Pitti. The original building, formed by two floors and the ground floors, with only five windows on each floor was purchased in 1550 by Grand Duke Cosimo I de'Medici, thus becoming the official residence of the family.In the 17th century additions to the each side of the palace gave the facade its present day aspect.

Today, the palace and the Boboli gardens house the Palatine Gallery, the Silver Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the Costume Gallery, the Porcelain Museum and the Museum of Carriages.

Drive a Ferrari in Florence

What an experience driving through the streets of Florence

Drive the car of your dreams along the breathtaking roads of the hills above Florence. You decide how many kilometers you would like to cover on your exclusive drive. Many options are available to suit your desire. Drive one of the spectacular Ferraris.


You can also be accompanied on a Food, Wine Tour in the splendid hills of the famous Chianti wine region.

Wonderful summer night's will entice you to venture to the rooftop bar that opens at 4 pm until 10 pm daily. The views on Brunelleschi’s Dome, Giotto’s Bell Tower and the Ponte Vecchio are amazing. They also serve a dinner menu. So if you’re looking for a romantic night out with your love reserve a table overlooking the river!

Roof top bar

Intimate setting overlooking River Arno and Ponto Vecchio

The Art of Perfume

Enjoy the experience of creating your own perfume

Relive the magical atmosphere of alchemists in Florence during the Renaissance period surrounded by unique glassware, ampules and rare essences. Following the historical guidlines, your master perfumer will guide you through the process which will ultimately lead to the creation of your own unique personal fragrance.

At the end of the workshop you will be rewarded with a 50ml bottle of your own personalized perfume. Each participant will also receive a certificate as a memory of the day. This truly authentic experience is not to be missed.

Picture says it all, a true classic experience

Fiat Bambino (500)

Make the most of your time in Tuscany by enjoying a car ride in true Italian style. Driving your vintage Fiat 500 will be an adventure you’ll never forget.  You will drive to places we love and never forget.

A unique trip back in time.

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