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About Tuscan Holidays

From a passion... to a dream... to you
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Boutique Tailored Tours

Tuscan Holidays

It began over 20 years ago when I started going to Florence every

year to visit family and was introduced to the beauty of Tuscany

which has created a passion and love within me.

From this passion for Tuscany and many requests from friends and

acquaintances, I decided to share my experiences and contacts and

so started Tuscan Holidays. I have created a number of unique tailored

tours that are designed from my experiences. The focus of these tours

is on places and events that I know intimately and that are filled with

local experiences, history, architecture, food and play.


Guests are limited to 6 per tour. This allows us easy movement and access too many venues that frown on larger groups. It also allows us to accommodate our guests with any of their own specific desires or wishes they may have when visiting Tuscany or other lovely places.

Each of the tours has a dedicated, roomy van and driver, along with a guide (that usually will be me) that will stay with the tour and manage all events and activities to ensure that a wonderful lifetime experience is had without the fuss and worry of organizing things yourself.  


We offer you our own experiences over the last 20 years, and the many friends we have made along the way. This also ensures you have an authentic experience without the larger tourist groups and activities. Add this to your own thoughts and wishes on the trip and there we have it..... a truly "Tuscan Holiday"

Looking forward to sharing a wonderful experience with you.



FLR Travel 

FLR Travel are experts in travel, passionate about what they do and are dedicated to making your travel experience absolutely fantastic.


With more than 20 years travel industry experience they offer a personal, professional and convenient travel planning service.


FLR Travel take pride in providing dedicated, personal service, recognising that in an increasingly complicated world a REAL person at the end of the line is a huge advantage. They know and understand your travel needs and cater to your requests.


So, if you'd like to enjoy the ultimate in personal, convenient and professional planning with expert advice and the best travel deals, talk to FLR Travel when planning your next dream holiday.


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